Feather House



  • Finalist World Architecture Festival, Residetial House/Villa Rural/Coastal, Lisbon 2022

  • Finalist World Interiors Festival Inside, Single Residential, Lisbon 2022

  • 2021

    • Small HOME of the Year 2021

    • Finalist HOME of the Year

    • Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Nelson Marlborough Award; Housing



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We all love adventures with friends, imagine the fun with a family of builders and makers. Everyone builds when not everyone has a room, and you move in with only a roof. This is that kind of home; welcoming, informal, but prompting and outward looking; crafted from the inside-out.

The Feather House rests high on a hill overlooking Nelson, somewhere between town and country, land and air. Its life in a corridor, communal and meandering; a pathway for many or one, widening for an external welcome and braiding to a soap-box balcony. There are many ways in for this is a place to come home to. A home with a warm concrete wall to put your back on, find centre, and orientate outwards again.

The house elongates and feathers to achieve this, tapering ends to open external space and make connections. It feathers materials as layers, so things come in stages; off-form concrete, joinery, furniture, plants, even crafting a lapped-cladding with copper tips and lifting itself on a ladder to allow material racking underneath.

This is a house not just about the ‘here-and-now’ but the ‘there-and-then’. Buildings, like life, are never finished when they offer an invitation. Adventures are fun, thanks for having us along.

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