House with hat



  • Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Nelson Marlborough Award; Housing 2024



  • Federico Monsalve “Elegance in disguise”, HOME, Oct/Nov 2023, pg 64-66

  • “Winners revealed: Nelson and Marlborough Architecture Awards 2024”, Architecture Now,, 8.6.2024

Homes can be anywhere; Manhattan or Whakatū Nelson. Big or small, it’s that kind of world. Manhattan really is far far away and having a small city house eases life. House with Hat is just that, a small-city house as an alternative to big-city living. A place to enjoy among peaceful and beautiful surroundings. It’s a far far away home. Nelson is neighboured, contained and social. The lights not so bright, the heights not so high, the quiets quieter. It needs a different kind of hat, one that internalises, eases and positions. For there’s many things nearby in a small city; friends, events and services, restaurants at the ready. There’s simple coming and going, be it for dinner, an afternoon appointment or an airport arrival. The pushing and pulling, thickening and thinning, plans out internally to enlarge social living areas and secure private spaces. Timbers layer, joinery collates and art reminds. Spaces are played within the rectilinear; from heritage street through screen, garden and shape. The roof giving the space love and comfort with a bit of quirk for those deserving. Hats welcome.

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