• Finalist Workplace, INDE Indo Pacific Architecture Awards, Australia, 2023

  • Shortlisted for Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects New Zealand Architecture Award 2023

  • 2022

    • Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Nelson Marlborough Award; Commercial



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We like trees. In designing a space for our practice, we look to trees for moderation. Our office shelters behind a tree, we gather its light. We sit back further, behind a breathing jungle perimeter And open outwards as verandah.

We collaborate inwards around a shared table This is how we work and how we found 1.5 : 0.5 : 1.0 1.5 floors of concrete to establish a road frontage 0.5 verandah. Us. 1.0 timber with fire rating and maintenance setbacks.

This small side setback safeguards our future. It’s a skylight, a gap in the canopy, a rain opening. For as neighbours build around us our sunshades remove, The perimeter breathes and grows upwards. The moderation adjusts. Our footprint remains.

Fumihiko Maki describes cities as forests for they remain incomplete. Durganand Balsavaar teaches you don’t plant a jungle, you plant a seed. This is what we call Soft Architecture. We maintain space that anticipates change, enables us to refinish and participate. We like forests. We like jungles.

We work in one. We call it Wall É.

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